Don’t let the price fool you. Unlike similar sunglasses on the market, our sunglasses are made from a highly flexible material and our lenses feature an additional hydrophobic coating that is water, grease and dirt repellent!


Our Makan features a sporty rectangular design with our proven |Memory Frame Technology|. Slightly rounded and somewhat bigger than its wayfarer sibling the Melange.


The Mariener Motion combines the classic aviator look with high tech lenses. This lightweight frame features our oversized |Hydro Lens Technology| equipped lenses without the bulkiness..

Melange Jr

Our Melange Jr Kids Sunglasses are now available for kids of the age 5 and up. Experience the same technology and design as its bigger sibling the Melange.

Melange Classic

Originated from 2012, the Melange Classic offers a timeless design that features none of the fancy technology from our regular frames, but still offers the same looks and crucial UV400 protection at a much lower price.