Moto Replacement Lens | Dark Smoke

14.95 inc. Vat

These replacement lenses are pre-curved cylindrical lenses for a pure optical vision with UV400 protection and impact resistance.

Important Note: Use care when installing/removing accessory lenses. Always wear something on your hands before installing or removing the lens, in order to protect the anti-fog coating on the inside.



  • Wide peripheral vision for increased visibility.
  • Specially formulated |Hydro Lens Technology| Hydrophobic coating that repels dirt, water and oils.
  • New and improved high quality Anti-fog lens coating for maximum visibility.
  • Enabled with our |Hydro Lens Technology|. Offering a water, dirt and grease repellent coating for maximum performance!
  • Laser engraved Mariener logo on the top right *Depends on version.
  • Easy interchangeable with all generations of Mariener Moto Goggles.
  • Sophisticated lens for increased clarity, glare reduction and balanced light transmission with UV 400 protection.